About us

An idea is born.

We are not afraid to go against the grain. Clicks Daily is a data and technology company that has built on the idea that high quality business data should be available to all business owners, not just elites. As a remote-first company, we hire the best and the brightest from around the world to give all business owners (just like us), no matter their products, a chance to thrive with high quality data products and services.

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One Focus

We are a data and technology company that believes in data that move the world forward, obsessing over details with a focus on exceptional customer service and exceptional products that drive results.

Whether it’s machine learning or superintelligence, our data and technology company is dedicated to revolutionizing the way business owners with site traffic, gather important information regarding their site visits.

Whether you are looking to lower customer acquisition costs, increase your ROI, or improve messaging, our products and expertise will help you get there. Our goal is to make sure that no company is left behind when the business world transitions to first party data to succeed.

With Clicks Daily, business owners can expect fast performance (speed to value), increased open rates, increased conversions, higher ROAS, and a better return on CRM pipeline revenue with our data and technology products. Memberships has its rewards. Join us today.

Community Impact and Giving Back

Here at Clicks Daily, we give every new member an opportunity to become Growth Partners with us. A Growth Partner is a company that likes making profits, but also enjoys doing something positive with them as well. Our Founder is known for creating local events that serve 3,000 people per day. Want to know more?

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Our founder is working for a large trade show company producing 65 trade shows a year. Speaking to B2C and B2B website business owners, he began to spot a pattern. When it comes to site traffic, analytics help, but they don't paint the full picture. Business owners do not know 'who' their customers are nor where they are coming from when visiting their sites. Making it increasingly hard to win back customers and lower customer acquisition costs.

Our founder meets with a prominent data engineer at one of his shows. He tells him about the problem he is seeing with business owners and their website data. The engineer agrees to create a code to help with that. And they begin working together. The objective was simple: create a code that can identify and verify site visitors.

A year later, their first data product is born. A machine learning AI that can identify and verify direct traffic with accuracy. Simultaneously capturing demographic data to build a unique profile for every visitor.

In 2022, they lend their new machine learning AI to the same business owners our founder spoke to at his conferences. In the first year, they bring on 15 new paying members, and in 2023, they sign an additional 57 brand new clients. Today, Clicks Daily is members only and continues to thrive and innovate with new data products and services for our members. Join us! Speak to a Clicks Daily onboarding analyst to see if you qualify today.

“In the future, the problem for business will not be algorithms; it will be data. With the rise of ad-blocking technology and the elimination of third party pixels, small and midsize businesses will need to start thinking about first party data, or start thinking about a data-centric world that will soon end up leaving them behind."

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Siloh Moses

Clicks Daily Founder, & Philanthropist